BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a core capability of WRW and represents huge opportunities for the build environment to bring superior value to capital and operational facets of the building process and greater levels of collaboration to our projects.

Our in-house BIM expertise with regards to design and information management translates to us having the ability to take a lead role on projects where BIM is the aspiration or requirement of a client without any additional cost implications.

As a result of this expertise we can accurately report on every aspect of the project and illustrate to our clients and project stakeholders the design and feel of the building at all times. This has led to an increased confidence in our ability to provide projects within budget and deadline, as well as decreased build times.

From the planning and design phase of a project – through to the day-to-day maintenance of the completed structure, the successful integration of BIM throughout the construction process has brought us closer to our clients over the years.

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