Arts and Sports Centre


Redevolpment of the Arts Hall and Sports Hall at Trinity St David University, Lampeter. Works comprised internal demolition and removal of exisitng partitions, external windows, floor wall and ceiling finishes, the construction of a small extension to the front elevation, new partitions and doors, floor, wall and ceiling finishes new plumbing, mechanical and electrical services and redecoration of the exisiting main hall. Works at the Sports Hall comprise the forming of openings for new windows and external doors, the construction of a new floor within the exisitng squash court, the formation of a new balcony and escape stairs, replace the exisiting floor in the sports hall, removal and replacing the exisiting finishes within the changing rooms including new sanitary ware, mechanical and electrical services and redecoration including redecoration externally of the cladding.

Trinity University College
Lewis Architecture
Structural Engineer
Roger Casey Associates
Services Engineer
F.P. Hurley and RT Electrics Ltd
£1 Million

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